Brooklyn Adventure

All summer long, I've had a running bucket list of things specifically based in New York City. Up there on the list, was to a) walk the Brooklyn Bridge and b) explore Williamsburg. 

So... over the bridge, through the city, to hipster-ville we go. 

It was definitely how I imagined Brooklyn having my only knowledge coming from the internet and 30 Rock's "Brooklyn Without Limits" episode. During our adventure, an incredible view of Downtown Manhattan was captured during a hazy morning, lots of food was eaten, murals were seen from street to street, and a trip to the real world B.W.L. store (oh how I miss Liz Lemon) took place.

A few other stops included lunch at the Fat Goose, pretend surfboard shopping at Pilgrim Surf & Supply. Oh damn, you caught me. I did it #forthegram. Macarons at The Bakeshop and a trip to chocolate heaven at Mast Brothers saved my sweet tooth. Plus, some window shopping at Brooklyn Denim Co. and various vintage stores. I must admit, I did learn that I do not have the ability to thrift.

Despite a few bumps along the road... many thanks to Uber.  I can say it was quite an adventure

Photos by me & Reid Secondo taken with an iPhone 5s.

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