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ph. by Tommy Ton for style.com

To close up the month of fashion, the door closed in Paris. Stay tuned for a better late than never roundup of the best of PFW. Till September, (fashion) school is out.

1: The over sized denim jacket is your new bestie. When paired with flares in a similar wash, your 70s to 90s crossover game is sharp. 

2: To add shape to any coat,  utilize your belt or for those who are innovative, ribbon works just as well. 

3: Headscarves aren't just for the beach or windy days cruising on the PCH. 

4: Take note from one of the most stylish of them all, a cape plus a jacket sans sleeves guarantees maximum everything. 



Wearing: Asos button down, Topshop sweater, Asos jeans (distressed by me), 
Somewhere Sunday sunglasses via Alekka, River Island loafers (old)

After a winter full of wearing turtlenecks and jeans on repeat, I began to grow tiresome of my established said uniform. I like to think it as a sartorial version of cabin fever? As the core pieces don't exactly change, little things like layering a collared shirt underneath or ditching the boots once makes somewhat of a difference. 

My preferred option of spicing up threads, is not threads itself, but sunglasses. If the suns out- scratch that- when it's not raining, you bet a bottom dollar that you'll find sunglasses glued to my face. If I'm not wearing my trusty aviators (or my sailing shades via Kaenon), I will be in mirrored frames. Despite, having other mirrored aviators, these futuristic glasses take the cake. (plus, Back to the Future slash mad scientist vibes are real). 


Fringe x Fringe

It has been over a week without an outfit post. Sort of defeats the whole purpose of personal style... Ergh, between traveling and the biggest culprit of it all, Mother-beep-Nature, I've haven't had time to shoot new content until this past weekend. Well, that's half true. Today's look was actually shot before heading down south, but a few technical related problems arose, which delayed said post.

In summary, the internet is annoying. 

Following the it's so nice, say it twice mantra when it comes to this bucket bag via Alekka. My ode to the 70s is still going strong with an awaited return to middle-parted hair which may I add, first was born at the ripe age of seven. Then, I got bangs. Let us save my adolescence hair debacles for another time. 

This bag has a cowboy-in-the-city attitude that gives an updated take on the classic bucket bag.
The end result? Straight to the top of my wishlist.

Photos by Alexandra Wolf


Packing List

If you didn't catch on from my hashtagTBT Insta post,  I'll be returning to my favorite island in a nine days. As I'm 100% finito with wearing turtlenecks and fleece up to my eyeballs, you can only imagine the bottled up excitement of purchasing clothes that happen to be filed under: sun and sand.

But the party doesn't stop there. I also have been keeping something else under wrap in addition to my upcoming trip. Next week, big changes will be coming to Sailing the Sea of Style. And by changes, I mean bigger than the big bang theory changes. Okay, okay, let's not get too carried away there. Even though things will be switched up, don't you worry, little 'ol me will still be typing away behind the screen.

Before you go and shop some sun ready pieces, I need some help from a few readers. Email me at SLOANE.C.K@GMAIL.COM to get the scoop of why I'm recruiting you.

Until then you know the drill: sun's out, guns out.


Clearwater Beach, Florida

Hey, hey look who has a new video up and running! If you read my last Resolutions update (throwing some shade your way, if the answer to that was no), you would read my dropped hints about new video coming very soon. The delay? Me being lazy. Since finally purchasing a new GoPro- RIP to the one at the bottom of Long Island Sound- I've been determined to create more video content

It ain't no Oscar-winning creation, but I think we all can sleep just fine with that. 

As promised, here are sunsets, sailing, and sharks.


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