D.I.Y. for Fall!

I am so excited for Fall!  When I was on Pinterest, and came across this decorated pumpkin, I was so happy. I cannot wait to make one myself, I tdecided to create a D.I.Y. for all of you! The DIY is so simple, and all you need is a quick trip to the hardware store.

Painter's Tape
Spray Paint or Normal Paint (any color, I prefer white)

Step 1: Once you have the perfect pumpkin, using painter's tape, create a zig-zag pattern all around the pumpkin.

Step 2: Next, using either regular paint or spray paint, paint the area that is not covered in paint. Let dry.

Step 3: Peel of the tape.

Step 4: Volia! You have your new pumpkin!

Let me know if you try this Fall DIY!

Keep on Sailing,

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