Sailing With...Kristin from Living in Color Print

Happy Monday! Today, I am featuring Kristin of Living in Color Print. I was incredibly happy when I stumbled upon Kristen's blog in the Fall. Ever since, I have had the site bookmarked and consider it a daily read of mine. She is able to mix prints perfectly while still looking put together and chic. See here if you want to see an example of what I mean. Kristin also doesn't shy away from bright, vibrant colors. Instead, she incorporates them into her looks, creating a colorful and fun outfit. I also love her travel guide on Napa Valley, called Eat.Drink.Sleep. Make sure to read the guide if you are going to Napa Valley in the near future. I hope you enjoy this week's Sailing With...

Keep on Sailing,

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  1. Thanks so much for the feature - your'e so sweet!



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