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If you didn't know already, I am an avid sailor. When I'm on and off the water, I always make sure my skin is protected 100%. That means wearing sunscreen, but also wearing proper clothing with sun protection. The problem is a lot of those clothes aren't that protective or even cute! They are often covered with colorful designs and big logos- don't get me wrong, I love Roxy and Billabong. But sometimes, I prefer a simple yet stylish top with no logos.

That's where Cover Clothing comes in. Cover Clothing is a clothing brand started by two good friends from Dallas, Lisa Moore and Robyn Stevens. The two ladies were always spending time in the sun with their young ones, and felt as if they weren't getting enough protection. They also had the same problem as me; finding cute, stylish, sun wear!

I had the chance to talk to co-founder Lisa Moore about the growing brand. She told me how she could never find clothes that were versatile and protective! Lisa and Robyn designed the clothes so that you could wear them both on the beach and off the beach.

"I want our customers to feel great in our pieces."

As the two fashionable ladies expand the brand, they want their customer range to be large. "We try to have a large range of items for everyone. Someday, we hope to have teens to elderly ladies wearing our brand." 

Another reason I am obsessed with Cover Clothing is because of the simplistic design and science behind the brand. Instead of having the SPF sprayed onto the clothes like most brands do, the protection is weaved into the fabric. Thus, the SPF will never fade! Pretty amazing, right?! You can purschase Cover Clothing from here! You can choose from simple tops to flirty dresses! Be sure to check back on Thursday to see mine, Robyn's, and Lisa's sun protection favorites!

***photos via Cover Clothing

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  1. This is a great post! I also spend a great deal of time out on the water in Charleston and have trouble finding cute cover ups that are also sensible for what I'm doing. I'm definitely going to check out this company's products.


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