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Hello! For the last installment of my travel series, I asked my favorite fitness girl, Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential to share her go to tips for staying fit and trim while on vacay.  Be sure to check out Lauryn's amazing blog- this girl rocks.

1- I bring along a workout DVD. I mean, why not? Who knows maybe you'll use it once or maybe even twice :).

2-To keep me full every morning I typically order fruit & eggs for breakfast. Drink tons of water and green tea too while vacationing because most likely, you'll be dehydrated. 
3- Pack what I call a “snack pack.” Mine typically include raw bars, three apples, a banana, hummus packs, baby carrots, fresh veggie juices, 100-calorie pack pretzels, & kid-sized Pirate’s Booty bags. I normally eat something healthy before ever dinner & it really helps. 
4- Take walks or move your body often. I try to even hit the gym when I'm on vacation. It makes the whole trip better because I feel refreshed and energized. Working out while on vacation allows to you not feel guilty for over-indulging too : ).
5- Modify, modify, modify! Take not-so-healthy meals from the menu and modify them. For instance, order a margarita pizza and add extra sliced tomatoes, jalapeños, arugula, lemon, red onion, and olives. Extra veggies will keep you fuller longer! 
6- On my last European vacay I applied Bethenny Frankel's rule: taste everything, eat nothing…she explains it simpler terms too: share food, eat small bites. That’s exactly what I did: I enjoyed my time, taking time to taste all the different foods & delicious cocktails, but didn't gorge and stuff my face.

*all images are from The Skinny Confidential.

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