Island Daze

Reminiscing about early mornings in my island mindset. Waking up in a morning daze was the perfect counterpart for pajama-like dressing. Each morning (disclaimer: I'm not an early riser), I would love watching the waves roll in Barnes Bay and soak in the balmy island air. Stepping out of my comfort zone with mixing brights was the perfect morning pick-me-up (along with guava smoothies and fresh fruit).

If someone wants to transport me back to island life; greatly appreciated
But this weekend's forecast will do, I suppose. Happy Friday. 


  1. What a beautiful backdrop! Your outfit is so summery and relaxed. Love it!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  2. this is such a great outfit … perfect for the location as well.

    Kira {apairofchicpearls.blogspot.com}


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