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I'm back with another FAQ post this time focusing on a particular thing; travel. Most of the questions and comments I receive via social media and email are travel based. Like always, reach out to me if you have any personal questions and head over to the travel section of my blog and Instagram for my current adventures.

How do you pack (i.e. what do you use as a carry on, personal item, etc.)?
It took awhile to create a system that worked well for me. Before, I had a carry on suitcase and a large tote. I often found the large tote to get cluttered and full of random stuff (ehem, candy wrappers and tangled headphones). On my last couple of trips, I've switched to a medium size purse (usually my Loeffler Randall bag) and a weekender bag (that is kept organized). And I check a suitcase as well. I've found this much more orderly and space efficient. When having a large bag it's easy to fill it up with junk but when you change your bags, it forces you to cut down on the stuff you are lugging around.

How to pack light?

I have been working on this one myself but my biggest tips are to pack neutral basics that you feel 100% comfortable in and then mix in unique pieces.

How to stay organized once I get to my location?
Depending on how long you are there, try to go ahead and unpack your bag. Now, I don't do this all the time (especially not at sailing regattas because I never bring everyday clothes), but when I'm normally traveling it works well for me. Also don't leave your stuff scattered throughout the room. I used to be the worst at this but I've become much neater when on the go.

I hate the food where I am- what should I do?
I feel ya- but honestly just try it. Because if you hate it then it isn't a big deal but you might just love it too.

How do I understand the native language if English isn't the main language?

First, read a little bit about the local language, learn basic phrases and such. If it is still too confusing, google translate or when it doubt, just smile and nod your head when being spoken to.

I'm going to a place I've never been before, how should I prepare for my trip?

Research a little bit about the place- the main areas, important information, etc. Like I said above, know the language as well. Look into any day trips you want to take or any specific things you want to see. I wouldn't over obsess about preparing because it's great to be surprised and explore once you are there. 
I don't want to do "touristy" things on my trip, how do I see the city/town/island without being a tourist?
Similar to the question above, look into your location and spend some time finding unique places to visit. Also talk to locals and people who live there- they will often tell you the best places to go to avoid the tourist attractions. I personally love going on spontaneous trips around the area I am in or being a "local" in a city.

What should I bring on every trip?

Phone, chargers, comfy shoes, camera, an open mind and a will to explore and discover (wowza, that was cheesy)

Happy exploring. x (see my last FAQ here)

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