Seeking Overalls

 Wearing: Levis overalls, Alexis top, Belle by Sigerson Morrison shoes (old, similar), Jules Smith choker, Brandy Melville ring, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Remember way back when I was on the road of the overall-esque romper which eventually turned into a path of seeking, dare I say, overalls? Oh yes, we have arrived in a land where a farmer's favorite attire is stylish. 
I'm praying I don't look like a farmer.

Since I took the road down to overall-world, I might as well give it a good whirl. To avoid looking like two things- a) an young child or b) a hillbilly; a modern crop top, sandals, and by dear God a Chanel hopefully helped me avoid going into that territory. Which by all means should remained uncharted, if that wasn't clear already.

For a person like me who likes to take the "trend less" route of personal sartorial ways, these overalls forced me to step up my game and out of my comfort zone. 

Alas, I'm crossing my fingers it worked. In all honesty, overalls are sorta rad.

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

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  1. You did a great job pairing them with other things that make the outfit look stylish! I'm kinda wishing I had a pair now...
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick


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