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Just to keep things from getting out of sorts, I'm no beauty maven nor can I barely put on eyeliner in a straight line. Oh the struggles of makeup are very real, my friends.

When it comes to makeup, three things are the main factors: easy, natural, and quick. I stick to products that work for me and use it 'till I'm scraping the bottom of a bronzer or lipstick- we all have been there. Check out my last beauty favorites post and my hair post, but for those who wonder what's on my face, here ya go:

There is one product I quickly just want to rave about- Marc Jacobs lip gel. For someone who hates lip products for the exception of... holler at you Vaseline! This lipstick has changed my life (in the sense of how much a lipstick can change ones life). Never the less, the silky formula doesn't have that odd lipstick feel and instead much more balmy. You rock, Marc.


  1. I need to try that Marc Jacobs lipstick! Try Stilla's liquid eyeliner! You think it's hard, but it's actually not hard at all to apply!

  2. I agree with Gracey - Stila's liquid liner is so easy to apply. Mine dried out a lot quicker than it should have, though... Love seeing what your makeup picks are! That Marc Jacobs lipstick looks fantastic!

    Constance || Prep Northwest


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