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Hmm... one ponders what this style list is? I've been getting a ton of emails asking "what's on my radar" and "currently craving", hence the style list was born. On the regular, I'll be bringing you a handful of items that are on my list.

And the awaited list:

- Denim daze: The leather jacket's love child of summer. Because humidity and leather don't get along all too well, and the indoors are Ice Age-like, the denim jacket will become your new best friend.

- Panama hat: Because being a lobster is no fun. Simply as ABC, SPF.

- Matching n Mixing: For people like moi, whom like to mix n match, separates are the bomb.com and Tibi's crop tops and full skirts are just too good to pass up.

- Exceptional leather : Some of us, don't like to get rid of leather during the warmer months (the leather jacket is an exception).

- Totin' totes: Summer travels equals bag lady. Simplify folks. One bag, a surplus of everything imaginable.

- Neutral territory: A light-weight scarf is important. You'll see why when you are freezing indoors or the mosquitoes are planning WW3 against you and your body.

-50s vibes: Even though I'm 70s chick at heart, this high waisted style of bathing suits is perfection.

-Sunny shades: My latest purchase of sorts, and like that hat: P-R-O-T-E-C-T the eyes.

-Rosy wrists: Throw on a big time teller and an eccentric mix of hardware and your summer uniform looks a little more put-together. Ba-bam.

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