Schoolboy Off Duty

Wearing: Madewell button down, Levis vintage shorts (similar, similar), Lanvin loafers (similar)

Reverting back to updated basics of denim and (snakeskin) loafers. 
What were you excepting here? Last week's girly duds?

My apologies for disappointing you.

Instead, I'm here in one of my easiest sartorial formula of white and denim when I'm in the mood for a classic combo. And no less, dressing like an old school schoolboy, erm off duty? Hence the comfiest cutoffs and softest button down is the ideal frame for these sick snakeskin shoes from my favorite Frenchie of all, LanvinAs someone said, it's all in the details- like the eyelet collar and the tassels on the shoes. Oh my, I'm such a sucker for the details.

Alas, back to my tomboyish duds. Quite ironic considering it's summertime and I'm dressing like a school kid. Perhaps, I need to back to school already.

Good one, there.

Sorry not sorry, oceanside is my classroom of choice. Or in this case, #stoopside. I've been spending too much time in the city (case in point- my instagram feed). 

Plenty of rambling for today. Happy Monday!


  1. Those loafers are sick! The tassel, the snakeskin print, just so good.

  2. I need to get myself a pair of vintage levi's.. they look so cute on you!

  3. Love this outfit, especially the loafers. So simple yet so chic!

    xx Ally
    Admired by Ally


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