Happy Thanksgiving

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AKA a family infused, food coma, bad jokes, kinda day.

I've already discussed the importance of the outfit, but to your favor here's a SparkNotes version:
Avoid anything tight, unless you are juice cleansing this Thanksgiving. If so, that's another problem on our hands. Keep it family friendly- dominatrix inspired duds or a lacy slip isn't exactly G-ma approved.  Camp socks are my holiday essential- works with converse when outside and when when you're snug as a bug inside.

Onward and upward- tunes. 
Before everyone is glued to the TV with 'Murica's #1, er, football break out some of the best tunes. And please for your own sanity don't bust out the holiday jingles just yet. Please. My suggestion? Stick with the classics- Elton John, Billy Joel, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Simon & Garfunkel. Mix in a few up and coming singers like George Ezra and The Kooks. And when you're at it, Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett's new album is a no-fail choice this holiday season.

A heated game of Clue or Apples to Apples avoids awkward conversation, plus involves little movement post eating. And for your pure enjoyment, here are some knee-slapper jokes. Round out the night with a comical movie or a musical- The Sound of Music, everyone?

Wishing you a lovely holiday with a note to you from yours truly. x

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