On the Wild Side

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! I haven't been this excited for a pair of shoes since these Lanvin snakeskin loafers. Um, sensing a cohesive theme of jungle does designer here. 

As I am not one to reach for animal print at first glance- except for a leopard cardigan circa 2006... wore the life out of the poor sweater. Yet I can handle the wild world of animal print in small doses- similar to my liking of pop music, for instance.

Around my birthday, I bookmarked these Miu Miu booties (on sale now) that are accompanied by a hefty price tag and for this chick, "All I see is $$$", isn't the correct way to describe my bank account (meh blame the holidays). Instead, I found these Rachel Zoe pair that do the trick just as well. You know that you've aced an animal print piece when The Real Housewives' wardrobes isn't the first thing you think of. Plus, at last another pair of booties that is not black. Is my black cat persona finally changing into a leopard? Not really sure how I feel about that.

Alas, don't forget the golden rule about animal prints: One. At. A. Time.

Please. For everyone's eyes and sanity (including your own).

Photos by Emily Malan

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