I Resolve To... | January

Resolutions can go two ways. Option A, they become a distant memory of deciding that you could become a millionaire in 30 days (possible, but odds are not in your favor), or option B, goals that you slowly work towards over 12 months aka the more reliable option.

In past years, I defaulted to the first option, but hey, when the clock stroke 12, I chose to take "new year, new me" and run with it- literally and figuratively.

Meet my new series, I Resolve To. When each month comes to a close, have it be happily or in a thank the-heavens-this-month-is-over type vibe, I'll be updating you on where I stand with my goals (which you can read here). As I've explained before, I wouldn't call myself a goal-oriented person. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing; I'll never be the girl to wake up at the crack of daylight and run a mile in 4.594739 minutes. Let's not kid ourselves here. But what I've learned over the past month is that when you focus on the big picture, everything falls into line. Oh indeed, this is resulting in another cliche-fest, but bear with me. 

If you happen to set your goals like option A, take a look at them, and perhaps, just perhaps, you might need to reevaluate the current 'stich. 

The main reason, I've created this series is for you all to remind me about my goals. Secondly, it's on the internet. You know what they say about the internet, it never goes away. Alas, I am keeping myself on track by posting my goals online. Kids, if that isn't pure motivation, then I'm stumped.

... 1 month down. 

|| Travel to a new country & state ||
  Not much travel happening in this neck of the woods right now. I will be in Florida for sailing in two weeks, and then some amazing trips in the next 6 months! 

|| Memory jar & make GoPro videos ||
 Perhaps my favorite resolution. It's been a goal of mine to keep a memory jar for a whole year, and so far, so good this year. I update it simply when something happened that I want to remember (hence the self-explanatory name). The first purchase I made of 2015 was a GoPro. And oh my, you'd think that I'm considering becoming a director. I went for the whole shebang of a #selfiestick, and some other gadgets. I've had a blast filling random clips this month, but don't worry my child, some cooler videos are coming soon (unlike, putting a GoPro on a dog)

 || Continue to grow my business and expand into new territories ||
 I hate to sound like the most anti-climatic blawwggger on this planet, but I am stoked to announce some new projects that I started this month. While you won't see them for a little bit, I can cross my heart, pinky promise, that they will be worth the wait. 

 || Live bold ||
Give me some slack on this one, as this isn't exactly an overnight miracle, but my overall 'tude has turned into "you do you, and let me do me"... try it, and see yourself. The more yourself you are, the bolder you are. Easy as 1-2-3. 

|| Train harder for sailing ||
 This is a straight 10 out of 10. Which leads us to the, confession(s) of the day: I've turned into a gym rat and avocado is the best thing since dairy free frozen yogurt (I've cut out all processed and sugary foods). Yeah, yeah, a little late to the party on the latest health trends, but sailing training is kicking my butt, so I might as well eat amazing food. 

|| Only buy pieces I truly love ||
  I am flat out amazed at myself for the reason that, I only purchased two pieces of clothing this month. This sweater from Unif... because my turtleneck collection needed a spruce up, and this Kiini swimsuit as I desperately wanted one before they flew off the shelves. Butttt.... my list for Spring is growing (and rapidly). Cue the see no evil monkey emoji. 

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs


  1. Love the "live bold" resolution!

    - Kirstin

  2. I like this idea of blog posting to hold yourself accountable for your resolutions. I certainly find myself ditching some of my goals as the year progresses. What a good way to keep yourself going!

    Best, Emily


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