Week in Stowe, VT

Wearing: The Reformation sweater (old, other styles here), Urban Outfitters sweats, J.Crew socks

Vermont is best taken in small doses and preferably when it is not below zero.  I've been visiting there forever as the skiing is always the best on the east coast. 

Alas, when there is not much snow... skiing becomes quite, um, interesting? To sum that up: ice, cold, and ski boots. As I like to say, never a dull day in my world. 

As you can tell from my gist, not much slope time occurred during my trip. So, I can only assume you are thinking... "what does one do in Vermont when it's too cold to ski"? 

Here's your answer. Eat- lots of food, which wasn't #vegan #healthy-, spend some sweet time on Netflix- hay Criminal Minds, go to the Ben & Jerry's factory (see statement above), and when you are feeling ambitious, go to the gym. 

Some of the highlights of Ve(brrr)mont? 
Lunch at Simon Pierce on the way up to Stowe, and finally nailing the "ski" selfie. 

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