Keeping Your Closet Perfect

One of my New Year Resolutions was to keep my closet organized. So far, it has been quite well. My closet is on the smaller side so maximizing the space is key. Here, I am sharing my favorite tips for keeping my closet perfectly organized. Also, stay tuned for a fun DIY in the near future (another one of my goals). 

Keep on Sailing,
1- Hangers are my savior. I love the look of having all my hangers the same- these are my favorite.
2- If something is out of place, I feel as if my closet looks messy. Baskets and bins are great for keeping everything in a spot.
3- Shoes take over my tiny space. I created a shelving area for my shoes.
4- Spice up your closet with a colorful rug and fun trays. Gives it a boutique feel.
5- Every month, clean out your closet. I use the Poshmark app to sell my old clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. 

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