Casa de Sloane

Wardrobe rack (romper, crop top, jacket, shorts, cami, shirt) | American flag and Save the Bay sticker | Dresser top covered with perfumes and everyday jewels | Pillow heaven | Vintage globe and American flag | Corner filled with framed prints and magazine clippings 
| Bay window and cloud nine | Wardrobe rack | Current inspiration

Last year, I gave you guys a virtual glance inside my bedroom. Since then, my decor has changed drastically. I always had this idea in my mind that a room should look like a hotel but as my personal style has grown so has my view of what my room should be.

The feel of my room is much quirkier than my style; I love having personality exude through my decor choices. Over the past couple of months, I've been adding unique touches like the American flags- #murica- as well as this globe that has been sitting in storage. The most recent addition is the custom CĂ©line pillow which was constructed from a dust bag.... who knew I could be crafty? As I like to put it, my room is quite the hodgepodge of my personality.

But, guess what still is my favorite part? My bed aka Cloud nine. Population: Moi.


  1. I love your room so much! I really want to get a clothing rack!

    Prep on a Budget

  2. The bed is my favorite part! Love that Celine pillow.

  3. love your room so much! it looks so cozy and realizing but still has little pieces that represent you! love it!

  4. Your bed is so cute! I love every aspect of your room - it's so fun to see how other people arrange and decorate their rooms!

    Constance || Prep Northwest


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