Not So Basic

If I fully admit to my monochromatic addiction, Zara and other stores will go out of business thanks to me single-handily. 

Hi, my name is Sloane and all I wear is black and white. 

I cannot exactly pinpoint when my wardrobe began to only consist of several neutral colors... or should I say shades? Let us not forget those important Kindergarten lessons of learning that black and white are not colors, but shades. Anyway, the monochrome erm... "problem" started way back when I purchased this playsuit from the main culprit, Zara. Alas, as you can guess bare legs don't fly in a) the winter and b) when jumpsuits are the happening thing in my wardrobe. The outfit-in-one used to stump me a little, specifically due to my height and the overall factor of the jumpsuit- i.e. not looking like you've wound up in Studio 54 or Top Gun. However, the black brings down the imitation factor a notch. 

Don't get me wrong here, every blue under the sun is still in a close tie with the monochrome shades, but this whole ninja manner that I'm sporting sold me to the dark side. Unlike most my solution to this said problem is to embrace and roll with it (ninja style).

And simply because it is Friday, I'm just going to keep playing off this ninja quip for the sake of it. 

Since my post on ear cuff bling, amping up my hardware game has been a top priority of mine when it comes to rolling out of bed each morning- pssstt! Another reason why jumpsuits are the bomb.com (lazy girl standards at its best). It's about time I donned this warrior meets runway cuff from my favorite American designer of all, Oscar de la Renta. The best match for my ninja jumpsuit...

Okay, okay. I assume that I've rambled on plenty about the importance of a jumpsuit, black, and such. 

Cheers to Friday!

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

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  1. I love this outfit -- you totally rock it! I still need to gather the courage to sport a jumpsuit!

    - Kirstin


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