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If it isn't obvious by now, I love the seaside and anything remotely vintage or with a 70s vibe. Secretly, I wish that I could become a surfer and move to California, but we all can't be that cool.  Stemming from this fantasy, is my love for vinyls and laid-back decor. When I walked into the Lou & Grey store in Westport, that little dream of mine came alive. Retro light leaked images hung on the walls and stacks of records and books filled the floors. Could I move in please, or would they gladly decorate my room? If you ever find yourself near Westport, take a detour to the Lou & Grey store.

 Enough about the decor though, the rich lounge wear clothes shined above and beyond. The two main items I fell in love with was this skirt (in several colors) and this t-shirt. For a while, I've been on the hunt for the perfect t-shirt, a struggle that is much more challenging than it seems to the naked eye. As much as the T by Alexander Wang are silky soft, the price just doesn't fit the bill. As luck would have it though, the L&G v-neck was cut with a tomboy slouch fit, but didn't look like I bought it from the men's department (which I highly suggest for sweaters... #singleasapringle). Snagged in three different colors, it fits my surfer dream to a T (it's friday & I like puns)

This post is part of a collaboration with Lou & Grey.

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