Quite A Quest

Wearing: Mother jeans, Brandy Melville stripes & sweater, Mango blazer, J.Crew scarf

The treacherous task of finding a great pair of distressed black skinnys- hey, I like my jeans a specific way- is over. After seeing endless $300 + pairs of "ehhh" denim duds, a freaking Mother miracle- pun, most certainly intended- descended onto my tired eyes that happen to boring into a computer screen at an ungodly hour. 

If you don't call that a shopping miracle, then I don't what one is! And life is made easy for me with pre-frayed ends, so I don't botch a perfectly good pair of jeans because I want them to look, I quote "cool". When worn with several knit layers on top, I'll trade my Patagonia fleece haven without somewhat of a (big) fight. Small strides....

Ph. by Reid Secondo, Edited by Me. 

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