So Good, So Bad

Thigh high boots and little plaid short shorts.... dare I say it almost sounds bad? I kid though, with a good heart because the real star here is my blanket- erm, scratch that one- scarf. And once again, I'm taking damn notes from the Parisians and their ability to make fringe not resemble a costume from Blazing Saddles. Yet you see, I cannot give the French full credit for this one. In true throwback Thursday fashion, I present you with a post from April with yours truly, professing their love for the detail of the moment. Talk the talk, blog the blog... making sense?

Any who... security blanket and all, a great pair of plaid shorts will do you quite good (and not to mention, it really hits the nail on the prep school boy vibe). Aha, the trickery of words gets me every time.

Photography by Emily Malan, Edited by me

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