Behind the 'Gram | II

What time is it? (time for you to get a watch).

Jokes, jokes. But really, it seems as if everyone at school finally understood that a watch was a practical thing to own. And oh-em-gee, and it can look good.

On that note, let's get back on track and try that again.

What time is it? Time to dive back into behind the gram. Instead of revealing how I get the 'gram- cue ridiculous things people do for social media-, let's discuss how I take it from the phone, through several editing apps, then to good ol' Instagram. Plus, go and read some other tips of mine regarding the perfect shot.

Shall we dive right in?.... don't forget to follow me along at @sailingseastyle

The main goal of my Instagram is to give you a glimpse into my day to day life (except for what I eat... #eatitdonttweetit). The power of Instagram is that I can take a basic image or a small moment of my day- like this old man looking quite dapper crossing W 4th St- and bring it to the next level. 

Like always, let's get the ball rolling... leave a comment below for any Insta related questions or comments. What app do you use or what do you find the hardest about getting the 'gram?

Crazy to think we are actually talking about the art behind an app. Indeed it is the 21st Century. 

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