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The calendar might say Monday, but I'm still in a weekend mindset and so is my wardrobe. During January, my efforts of dressing are lowered to kitten heel level, so you can only imagine that I've created a uniform for winter. Similar to last year's go to, but a little more diverse in that. 

Turtleneck sweaters, black jeans, and boots.

But after wearing the same variation of a look for over a month, it is nice to shake things up a little that department. That's where textures come to play. Leather legs, denim jacket, suede shoes (not the most practical with snow in the picture) become the magic potion when in an all-black rut. 

So, if next Monday morning (or tomorrow), you happen to face the hardships of the forever lingering question "what to wear", make sure you file away this post.

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

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  1. I've never seen leather leggings like those plus that turtleneck looks super comfortable- a need for any Monday. I love your style!


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