Into the Future

By 2015, we all thought there was going to be flying cars and we'd be living either on the moon or mars. Well, Zenon Girl 21st Century  really upped my standards for my views of the future. Despite the fact that it's we are 1/5 into the century- tragically- without flying cars, the ever great Alexander Wang is giving us his take of the future of fashion with his latest collection at Balenciaga. The latest campaign features a sleek Sasha (those cheekbones) working layers of mesh and floor-grazing capes. Sheer paneling and jewel-encrusted shades give any Zenon-esque chick a run for their money.

All  future movie references aside, the fashion industry happens to be taking a turn into a modern direction of wearable technology and minimal clothing that most definitely does not represent the past. 

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