Welcome 2015

Well, I'd be damned. It's January 2nd. 364 days to check those goals off your list.

Through reflecting on 2014, I've been able to define what I really want to make of this year. During a lengthy conversation with a good friend of mine about the ridiculousness that went down over the year, we kept returning to the idea of "living bold". In my eyes, living bold means being able to take chances, and live each day to the fullest. Cheesy? No doubt, but in 2015 I resolve to live bold. Along with that broad statement, I plan to focus on a few other key things over time. Some of which include: keeping a memory jar, increasing my training for sailing, and fulfilling my love for travel. And of course, I have a few other resolutions, but my friend, those should not surface the world-wide-webz.

What do you wanna make of this year? I listen with open ears!

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