It's An Art

When people say layering is an art, they are not joking.

Due to living on the (North)East Coast,  I'll say that I've become quite the skilled one when it comes to dressing in a somewhat put together fashion as soon as the temperatures drop under 34 degrees. 

But, then you go to Vermont and it all turns into, well, lies. All of it. Hey, if you give me enough sailing gear, and I will be able stay warm enough to sail in the dead of January (the magic hiking pants and thermals). But when it comes to looking presentable in a place like Vermont... It is a challenge. 

Dear ol' Green Mountain State welcomed us with big open arms of 2 degrees. And you might be wondering, what do you wear when it is 2? Fleece tights under leggings. A thermal under a sweater. Fleece socks, gloves, and hat (miss the memo on that). And a boatload of courage.

5 weeks & counting 'till Florida....


  1. Absolutely love this look. The weather has been so mild in New England lately that when it actually got cold I pulled out every extra warm piece I had and (inspired by you) went out and bought a turtleneck. Since then I've been wearing a very similar outfit combination. Plus, I love the pop of red in your gloves.


  2. Really love this outfit! You are so adorable Sloane! Layering is so hard... it's supposed to get under 0 degrees where I live this week!
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick


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