Fringe x Fringe

It has been over a week without an outfit post. Sort of defeats the whole purpose of personal style... Ergh, between traveling and the biggest culprit of it all, Mother-beep-Nature, I've haven't had time to shoot new content until this past weekend. Well, that's half true. Today's look was actually shot before heading down south, but a few technical related problems arose, which delayed said post.

In summary, the internet is annoying. 

Following the it's so nice, say it twice mantra when it comes to this bucket bag via Alekka. My ode to the 70s is still going strong with an awaited return to middle-parted hair which may I add, first was born at the ripe age of seven. Then, I got bangs. Let us save my adolescence hair debacles for another time. 

This bag has a cowboy-in-the-city attitude that gives an updated take on the classic bucket bag.
The end result? Straight to the top of my wishlist.

Photos by Alexandra Wolf

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