The Perfect Jacket

Happy Friday! This rainy, gloomy weather made me realize I don't own a good rain jacket. I have a heavy foul weather one for sailing, and a light trench coat for when it's drizzling, yet I don't own the perfect all-around jacket. Then I stumbled across this one on Henri Llyod. Henri Llyod is my go-to for all my sailing gear. Everything is well made and lasts forever. This jacket is perfect; it's stylish but still practical. Unlike most "army style" jackets, it has a hood and nautical details.

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  1. What a lovely jacket! I can't say I'm a sailor but I do love me a nautical-themed piece of clothing, and this looks like a perfect jacket whether on land or sea :)

    -Lindsey, http://the-fashion-barbie.blogspot.com/


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