If you have been following me for a while, you might know that I love Instagram. Because of that, just imagine my excitement when I found out about the newly launched LikeToKnowIt. How many of us have seen that killer bag or shoe and instantly decide that it must be in your closet straight away? But there is a massive struggle in that- go to the source, find the item and if you have luck, then a couple of clicks and it's on the way to you. Oh... but it could be much much easier with LikeToKnowIt 

Here is the breakdown on how to shop mine (and others) Instagram snaps:

1: Sign up on liketoknow.it via Instagram (easier through on your phone)

2: Like all the photos you love but give extra attention to ones with the liketk.it link, #liketkit and @liketknit. When you like these photos, the items featured will be included in the email sent to you.

3: Shop away! In the emails, there is direct links of each item for easy shopping. 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram here and subscribe to LiketoKnow.It.

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