Emerson Fry

With the absurd amount of time I spend surfing the inter-web, I come across my fair share of brands and companies. One that really caught my late-night eyes was Emerson Fry. Based out of New Hampshire, the all-American brand matches my minimalistic style to the t. No surprise that they also have incredible shoes like these snakeskin slides- I'm having a big moment with slides, but still avoiding those little Birks.

As I've been on the hunt for a graduation dress, I've oddly learned what my personal style has evolved into- minimal with unique details and the perfect mix of classic and edgy. As cheesy as that may sound, Emerson Fry embodies that effortless style that those Frenchies have, but with an Americana vibe. Alas, I cannot exactly pinpoint what makes EF feel so, for the lack of a better word, "cool", but who doesn't like a little mystery? A woman can never have enough denim- add these jeans to your wardrobe or wait for their swimwear that is coming out later this season.

Looking good at the beach is quite the difficult task if you ask me, but don't fret anymore.

Until then, shop your heart out kids:

This post is not sponsored, but is part of an ongoing partnership with EF.

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