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Hellooo weekend. My apologies for the lack of posting this week- one word: finals. Instead of discussing my studies, let's talk about the biggest procrastinator machine of all- Instagram. You've heard of it, right? Good. 

I am guilty of aimlessly scrolling through my feed and stalking some of my favorite accounts (head to the bottom of the page to check those out). Never the less, I've spent my fair share of time playing around (ehem... wasting time) with all things Insta related, so here are my favorite pictures and some of my tips and tricks for each. 'Gram yourself out.

Sea | Sky | Land

If you can tell from my instagram bio, I am quite the sunset lover. I think the only reason is because I never see the sunrise... gotta get those zzzz. My biggest tip for sunsets is to aim up for less land in the picture. But, for landscapes (beach, water, etc.) try to have equal balance.

Styled Photos

Aha, the most famous picture that you'll find on any fashion-related account. You got me, guilty as charge. Throw a few stylish things together and snap away. Because anyone has a desk "cluttered" with makeup and magazines.... 


My personal favorite outfit related pic is hashtag-fromwhereistand. The easiest way to show off your outfit without any help from another person. I love these because it gives a peek into outfits that never make the blog. Classic behind the scenes shot, if you ask me. 


Along with a #fromwhereistand picture, detail shots are great for showing of any accessories or specific parts of your look. And the infamous back shot is a favorite of mine, especially since the majority of the tops I wear have unique backs. 


@travelandleisure: travel the world from your phone and I always find amazing hotels from here.
@natgeo: wanderlust to the extreme.
@stripesandpeonies: Gracey's account is full of flowers and simple images.
@tuulavintage: Jessica's instagram was one of the first I followed and is still a favorite of mine.
@worldofwanderlust- more travel- hey, I like to go around the world on study breaks. 
@popcosmo- Two words: funny puns.

Hope you enjoyed this post- decided to mix it up. Leave your thoughts below and be sure to follow along my snaps at @sailingseastyle.


  1. These are great tips Sloane! I've been trying to figure out how to do the #fromwhereIstand pictures for the longest time, but I don't think my arms are long enough hehe (teach me this summer, please).
    Thanks for the shoutout! Doin' puns for the fans ;)

  2. You have such a great Instagram Sloane!! These tips are great and I plan on using some ;) Thanks again for the shootout!

  3. Great and helpful tips! I think more people would like to read this post =) I'm hosting a "InstaLife Link up" party on my blog right now if you want to link this post or any of your instalife posts and meet other bloggers.. http://livingwithjane.com/life-instaphotos-may-19-25-2014-link

    xo JANE xo


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