Wearing: Zara shirt (old), J. Brand jeans (last worn here), Asos shoes, Chanel bag

Depending on how you want to spin it, I'm either attempting to dress like a boy or I was too lazy to button my shirt all the way. No one will ever know my true tales of getting dressed. 

But, I did purposely leave half of my shirt unbuttoned. After Wang had boxers and sleep shirts walk the run, I've been drawn to the idea of leaving half of my shirt open. Why? Don't ask me- just enjoy the fact that pajama dressing is socially acceptable. My tip- size up and roll the sleeves- oh and head to the gym, because that stomach doesn't want to tone itself....fashion, what you make us do. 

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  1. This is so cute! Knowing me, you know I have a pretty sizable stripe collection, so pairing it with white jeans is almost natural. I love the way you kept it neat and buttoned at the top, but fun and loose at the bottom!


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