Similar to my thoughts on the seasonal peonies Instagram shot, it's something that is overdone to the point where it unconsciously makes you dislike "said thing". Per-se with peonies, I dabbled with one picture into the world of social media- I think that is enough for me.

Without a doubt, the infamous Rockstud shoe a la Valentino, exploded into the fashion world over the past few years. Each editor, blogger, stylist, celebrity, and practically anyone with two feet and is willing to purchase the rockstud is sporting the shoe.

Like the peonies picture, every time you scroll through Instagram or street style, the bloody shoe is there. Personally, the sandal version is quite cool. Alas, here is my one time addition to the profusion of the stud floating through the vast web (courtesy of my mother's shoe closet, who rocks them). Much appreciated, this once.

Take a good look, people. It's the only time the rock stud will be making an appearance. Last show, one night only. I rest my case.

Apologies for the absurd amount of puns here. I couldn't help myself.

Shot by Amy Stone

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