She's A Lady

Surprise, surprise... something look a little different?

A little throwback from this post, I revealed my secret love for all things Madewell- especially this paisley blue dress. Slightly on the longer side, it gives a honorable mention to the return to all things ladylike business that worked the runway for fall. Another thing that is new to moi, is a drop-waist number- channeling my inner #frenchie summering down south? The ideal spin of the perfect modern day prairie dress. Oh, indeed. 

 I wouldn't get used to this dressing up affair, sporting ladylike duds on the regular isn't something I'm preparing to deal with after a months of sailing gear.

After all, luck be lady. 

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs


  1. I love this outfit--the dress is perfect!

    Taste and Tact

  2. So pretty, Sloane! That dress looks amazing on you!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  3. Love this post Sloan! I was just eyeing that dress on Madewell the other day...I love the unique cut and beautiful pattern. The dress looks beautiful on you and so perfect with those shoes.
    xo Nan
    Simply Elegant Blog


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