4 Things Street Style Taught Me | NYFW

all photos by Tommy Ton 

I know what you are thinking.

Psh, fashion week, you learn zero from that. Or on another end, "Sloane, are you really running low on content?"  

Well, dare I correct you and say that you are wrong on not one, but two accounts? Simply because I'm feeling a little risky, why not? While clicking through Tommy Ton's latest street style snaps on style.com- which is the second best *single-word dot com* after weather.com, no less- I started to realize a few hidden lessons that were captured over the course of several days.

For the absolute joy of it, I'll be bringing you through fashion month with not only my thoughts on the latest collections, but with several things I've learnt through street style.

After all, school is always in session.

1: Fringe is in. Plus, it is practically breadcrumbs for photographers as evidenced on every fashion site currently active on the internet. My advice- don't get caught in the door. Bye-bye bag!

2: Matching with several of you peers is quite Plastic-esques (even their strides are in sync)

3: Lauren Hutton is beating us all at life. 'Nuff said.

4: Fashion week is the only acceptable time to be looking at your phone whilst walking. I wish you the best if you are wearing heels. Side note- it's the street style stars pose of choice.

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  1. I love this post Sloaney! The pictures are ah-mazing and make me wish I was in New York right now.


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