It's inevitable to go through any season change and not title at least blog post with the word or any word somewhat similar to transition. Face the facts here people.

Despite the sky rocket annoyance of it, I can say without a doubt that summer to fall, is one damn hard time. Especially when coats and layers are playing sartorial mind games on you.

But, let's get real. Anyone who is whipping out fall attire in 90 degrees should get their head checked out.  I'm shocked on how I managed to wear pants (erm, culottes) when it was hot and humid last Saturday for some NYFW meetings and events.

The key: popping into AC as often as possible and hoping for the best.

To keep the summer side in line, my trusty white crop top did me well to beat the heat. I cannot say the same for these loafers though... as cute as they are, the blisters are not. #bandaids4days? Oh yes.

Ph. 1 Bella Conte | Ph. 2 Shoes of NYC


  1. Houston is the queen of transitional seasons. It's basically blistering hot heat for the next month and then we start to get some breezy weather. It's not easy to dress like it's summer when it's September!


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