Lacoste's Yacht Party

As fresh faced models worked the runway at Lacoste, designer Oliviera Baptisita wooed us sporty motifs and confirming our undying love for athletic duds for a whole another season. This time around, Baptistia drew inspiration from the favorite leisurely activity of the rich and beautiful: yachting. Nope, we aren't talking 1960s fisherman sweaters (while I do love those...) or taking hints from JFK. Instead we were presented with a sleek regatta tone that complements Lacoste's original style.

This season sporty chic was taken up a notch, sleeker and in a sense, slightly futuristic. Neoprene was re-purposed into tailored coats- for the gents, their polos- football jerseys skimmed mid-thigh and gave a healthy dose of allure to sportswear. Windbreakers were thrown across shoulders- the power of the "editor cape" is real- and layered with regatta stripe embossed sweaters.

So next time you find yourself yachting, you know what you should be wearing...

Lacoste: 1 Everyone Else: a big fat 0

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