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After a little late night shopping at the great z to a-r-a, this black mesh skirt showed up at my doorstep. To my luck, it was  love at first sight, but hey, we all can't win at life... it was a size too big. Don't get used to this skirt thing though, my poor pale legs have already resorted to fleece lined tights and worn in denim. 

As I was going for a high waisted skirt to amp up my woolly knits and bring a little something something into my wardrobe... le sigh, life is full of twist and turns.  In a result, I ended up with a longer hemline and a love at first sight with another one of the Z's best- this sweater.

Talk about a match made in retail heaven.

On another random note, sporting a sartorial color scheme of red and black made me think of vampires. Yes, your waking (or sleepy) eyes read that correctly. Halloween has come and past, and and the holidays are upon us, yet the classic color combination with forever be tied with gothic vampires. 

Bless my soul. 

Despite my vampire color connections and sleep-deprived, movie-watching eyes (that made an appearance here), this outfit is filed under: wear more often.

Maybe late night shopping is a good thing.... (ha!)

Photography by Alexandra Gibbs

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  1. I love this outfit. It screams fall!! The sweater looks super comfy as well.




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