Superhero, Superpowers

As I've been able to tame my sneaker addiction down, we have another problem (... Houston). Leather. The equation has turned into 4 jackets, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 skirts, 3 tops and now 2 pairs leggings- and this dress is soon to be in transit. 

I can't help myself. 

As I will tell my support group- AKA the world wide web- it has come to the point where leather (or "pleather" in this case), has replaced my tried & true denim. 

On Monday, I presented you with the tamer duds of the two- the martial of choice is only on the front- which is my suggestion if you only want to dip a toe in and not go full-on dominatrix. These shiny black pair have the ability to take an outfit from a one to a ten, plus they are leggings. When it comes to leather, I have two guidelines. 1) It should get better with age. 2) When you slip those pants on (or jacket), it makes you feel like a bada$$. 

If that is not a superhero piece, then I'm beat.

(Sidenote: I've worn this stripe tee in three posts in one week.... another superhero piece)

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