Behind the 'Gram

Whilst these behind the scenes post have been circulating the internet (I love Gracey's take), I finally have decided to take a whirl at it- better late the never, right?

I picked a few of my most recent 'grams to reveal what really goes on behind the lens. And of course, shameless (shame-inducing) self promotion is in order.... you know where to find me.

'Gram: A causal "instagram inception" while decorating the tree. There is the Christmas tree and a slick iPhone 6 +... yes, just had two phones laying around the house. Duh.

BTG: The difference between the 5 and 6 camera is absurd. My poor iPhone couldn't stand a chance at capturing the tree in all its glory, so throw in another iPhone and we have a winner.

'Gram: Just another rainy day at school, Sitting in the library by a window, blissfully doing my homework. 

BTS: LIES! Lies! Yes, I was by a window and doing my homework (re: not blissfully). But procrastination took over and I ended up leaning over a bookshelf trying to focus in on the raindrops for a solid five minutes. The result of that? A librarian who thinks I need help.

'Gram: Spending a nice Winter's day at the beach. All cozy in my fur jacket #lifeisgood

BTG: It was cold. And I, Sloane, was not cozy. PSA: when wearing a fur jacket, layer up. I also ended up tripping over rocks when passing my phone to my brother, because a: I am Sloane, and b: I am a klutz. What's new?

'Gram: CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS!!! Look at me being ├╝ber festive and staring off into a distance full of holiday joy.

BTG: To your surprise, this instagram was quite a natural shot. I was sitting on the floor and wrapping presents, where I proceeded to smack a bow on top of my head, and voila! The photo is born. 

'Gram: #iwokeuplikethis #perfectbed #tumblr #white

BTG: I actually woke up like this. On my morning rounds of social media, I thought to myself "damn, my feed is lacking in white". Next thing I know, I am standing on my bed.

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